RMI International Inc

RMI International, Inc. (RMI) is a leading edge security organization, committed to providing the consistent quality security officer and related services utilized by a wide range of clients as they promote their organization to its variety of stakeholders. RMI employs a solution based-approach to our clients requirements, and has adapted this concept into successful, long term, service relationships with a wide range of corporate, municipal, and governmental agency customers.

RMI is a privately held, Minority Business Enterprise, and a California-based corporation. Founded in 1996, our mission has been to develop a professional security organization, which provides our clients with consistent quality in security services and our record stands for itself. We also strive to provide our employees with care, respect and a continual opportunity for personal development in their security career, while growing ourselves as a reputable company with reasonable profits. Our commitment is not limited to timeframes or specific challenges, but is directed to the establishment of a level of confidence and trust that comes from long term relationships with both Clients and Staff Associates.

  • Address 8125 Somerset Blvd Paramount, CA 90723

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