#LATISM16- Latinos as Change Agents

Babushka was honored to be named “a top Latino digital influencer” and is headed to the LATISM16 conference in Orlando this October. LATISM stands for” Latinos in Tech Innovation & Social Media and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of the Latino community in the areas de educacion, health, technology y business through the use of Tech innovation and Social Media.” Their goal is to “share best practices,  reach Latino(a)s in the digital space, and  build the pipeline of  tech innovators.  Together we are igniting Latino(a)s to drive the innovation economy.”

The full post on Babushka’s Baile w/ discount code to attend the conference.


  • Event type Conference
  • Date October 19, 2016
  • Location Orlando
  • Listing categories Bloggers & Influencers, Business, Causes, Education, Events, IT & Computers, IT World, Marketing & Advertising, Media, Organizations, People & Health, Podcasts, Publications, Technology, Video & Vloggers

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